The Emperor - the directive energy of the year 2020

Happy New Year! The energy that guides us this year is represented by the Emperor Archetype and as it is already felt, it is a decisive, radical and extremely strong energy. It can feel like a force that commands you even if you oppose it, an influence that disciplines you, even if you start to complain and despair, and a great fire that erupts from the depths.

For me, this energy feels quite difficult and uncomfortable, because I still do not fully accept this burning energy in me, and whenever I express myself from it I feel my own obstacles and shadows. I have a lot to learn from this archetype and it always amazes me with the information it gives me.

The year started with a very big alarm signal, i.e. the sirens sounded for emergencies in almost all countries, because January 1 fell on the first Wednesday of this month. Also, in my hometown, in France, on January 2nd and 3rd, many people took to the streets on a national strike, so I had firecrackers, screams, slogans and closed roads. And let's not leave behind the fires in Australia and around the world, which once again remind us of the global state of emergency we are entering and which affects us all in some way.

All these are symbols that suggest to us the state of emergency we have entered and the coming to the surface of our fire, the birth of masculine energy in a new, more refined form.

The Emperor's energy is very strong and brings everything to the surface, nothing will be hidden under the eyes full of compassion but also of understanding, of this archetype, that also represents the Heavenly Father, the ALL-Father.

What he will ask of us will not be easy to accomplish, because he asks us to truly see our purpose and choose who is the authority we listen to. It requires us to open our inner eyes and see what has made the control and energy of desire and greed within us. He asks us to fulfill our mission to be authentic and to let others do the same.

World Cycles

This year begins a new 10-year cycle, a cycle that begins with the energy of the Emperor and ends with the Energy of the Death Archetype in 2029, a cycle of structural transformation at all levels of our being. This year we are invited to take action and lay the foundations, to build our life and reality in the next 10 years and also to accept with love the transformations that are yet to come.

This energy can be felt in a very warlike way, with many resistances and oppositions, by our collective consciousness, still in many shadows and illusions. The Emperor's energy was felt again in 2011 and 2002, after a absence of more than 100 years, and after his presence this year he will return only in 2101. These 3 years in which this archeype guided the world, 2002, 2011 and 2020 , all it did was change the structures we rely on to live and inspire the release of programming and alignment with the mission of who we are.

The main themes of the YEAR 2020

The lesson offered by the Emperor's Archetype can be harsh and seem ruthless because of the serious shaking of the structures of our mind, society, planet, and physical body, the basic way we think and see the world, the purification by fire of everything that needs to be renewed and restructured.

It will invite us to ask ourselves very important questions about the functioning of our laws and all the structures of the state, as well as the structure on which our society is based: the family and the hierarchy.

It also invites us to let go of what we call scientific teachings, knowledge, everything that can limit the way we build our world and our lives.

Our Life Purpose

Last year we felt how the Hanged Man put our goal in life and the choice of career or job in the balance, in terms of alignment with our heart, and this year the Emperor calls us to really see what is our purpose in life and to take responsibility for it.

Many of us feel that emptiness within that can only be filled by the encounter with our soul and spirit, and our purpose in life is difficult to see if we fail to create this connection with the divine parts of us and the denied parts, the ones rejected and not accepted.

This year's search is inspired by the inner fire that needs a direction and purpose to burn and will not necessarily be related to our career and workplace. This search for purpose is deeply rooted within us and is part of the path that reaches the center, back to all that we are, where we can truly see ourselves.

From this point of view, you will be able to feel like you can't find the right place and look for it wherever you go and whatever you read or explore. Everyone's place is in its center, from where everything is then created and bursts into what we consider outside. And to get there you need a discipline and an order that the Emperor requires of us.

If we oppose this trend, all we will create is chaos and great confusion, not understanding what to believe and what to rely on.

Look at the basics of building blocks of your life and verify their solidity. On what structures do you build your life ? On what structures do you base your resources and your relationships? What sets of beliefs and behaviors do you feel at home with ?

It will be more and more difficult to hide from what your soul is saying, because this ordering energy will automatically correct you.

Own mission and authority

Our mission is to fulfill our purpose and it is a journey of a lifetime, not just a small part of it. Your own mission is to assume your own values and to define the authority you listen to. The mission has an aspect of unity with all that is, a global contribution.

As long as you define your authority outside and keep asking for it to help or rescue you, the suffering will increase. The more you seek to accuse the authorities, be they the state authorities, the family, your group, your job, the deeper you will go into a meaningless struggle and you will feel the warring side of this year's energy and the purifying fire.

Much of our energy goes into criticizing other people's mission, or demoralizing them, showing them who's in charge, teaching them because we know better, throwing eggs just because we don't understand, and this behavior will be amplified this year to be healed by as many of those who will come out of it and demand their energy back from these beliefs.

As long as you criticize the missions or paths of others, you are not doing your mission, you no longer have a contribution to support the group but a contribution of chaos and interference. All people are aligned with their mission, no matter how much we feel they are not, what they may be is unaware of their degree of involvement.

Become more aware of your authority and where you place it. Who do you listen to and who do you follow, as if you were a soldier listening to the army general ? It may be as simple as bowing to fear. Whenever we place someone else or a state/feeling/thought/method in authority in our head, we no longer lead our body, actions, and thoughts.

The emperor invites you to recognize that the only authority in you is your whole being! I emphasize the need for integrity, because if we put the ego in charge, we become tyrants and dictators, and if we put the unhealed child at the forefront, then we always feel victims of destiny.

This theme can provoke many revolts, oppositions, desires to change laws or ways of structuring society, education and work. Those who participate in strikes and riots, as can already be seen, want a change in the structure of the way they are treated and respected as human beings. Many other types of confrontations can also occur, in order to maintain or take over what is meant by authority and control.

This issue can bring many tensions globally between states, or at the level of service and family relations, wherever there is an authority and a hierarchical structure. Our way of social arrangement in the hierarchies will also be subject to a divine view and our ideas about how it would be good to structure our society and how we need to educate our children will change.


The family is the basic structure of our society, but what is it based on? How was it formed and how do we think about this structure now?

We see the structure of the family as those who are bound by blood ties, by a genealogical path that leads from one parent to another. But can this structure still be considered the same? Doesn't it limit us in what we understand as a family ?

There is the notion of soul family and also friends who are considered family and are much closer than parents or siblings. DNA changes, and so do our ties to the blood family.

Many times, we, as babies and young children, willingly take on certain behaviors, moral and physical traits, family illnesses, to feel that we are part of a group and to be accepted. We want our father to say “Yes, he is my child, he has the same mole on his chin!”, “Yes, you are like me. I also have kidney problems, and my mother had too. ”

We want to feel welcome in this world and we perceive from an early age that we will be much more accepted if we resemble those who helped us step into this body.

I understand that what I write may be disturbing, but this energy of expression comes with great power to understand subtleties and open the view to what we want to hide.

This trend of structural change is very well defined in families that adopt children or use in vitro methods, using a genetic material other than their own. The connections between us are no longer so defined by the natural way of birth but by other types of relationships.

We are called to understand that we are unique and that we are our own person, even as babies, even if our physical form seems to say otherwise. And here we are talking about attachments that keep us from behaving in a different way from who we are and place other authorities within us, instead of divinity.

This tendency has the effect of separating from the divinity within us and falling into a state of victimization. Taking on this responsibility of being us, and of detaching ourselves from everything that clutters and subordinates our being, can be perceived as an attack or a revolt, it can cause great conflicts. Try to be gentle with yourself and those who are beginning to claim their authority back, as they know it.

Family ties and the way we relate are put to the test and to a rapid transformation, so you can wake up with many surprises that appear in this year's plan. Pay attention to the relationship with your father, son or brother. The family essentially has a hierarchical structure and it no longer fits what we need, so the way spouses see each other and look at children needs to change.

Respect and Honor

This internal fire comes to purify the structures of our body to a very deep level, so we need to pay more attention to supporting your physical body through this process. By support I mean respect first of all, the observance of the hours of sleep that your body tells you, the meals and the content of the food, the time to pause and relax, the need to be close and to be alone. etc.

Respect occurs when we do not invade the space of others and support them with love in their processes. It also comes to bring about a change from what we consider a man's space. A man's space is larger than his physical body, it also contains the aura, the energetic bodies and then the extended field.

Purifying fire amplifies our energetic and electro-magnetic sensations, thus inviting us to pay more attention to a person's energetic space. This means respecting the space of that man's emotions, the space of his thoughts, the space of his soul and spirit, not just the physical space.

Every human being has the right to his or her own space, and this is not a right granted by someone but a fact that can only be denied by illusion. When we do not give space to a man to express his emotions safely, we invade his home. When we do not give space to a man to express his thoughts as they are, we invade his home.

We have not learned to perceive this space because of too much identification with the ego, a virtual, illusory structure that places us outside our sacred space.

Respect extends to all living things, and to earth, air and water as well. When we pollute, we invade all elements of the space that sustains our lives.

When we throw away and do not recycle, we invade and do not respect the sacred space of water, air, earth and then these spaces in our body, water, air and internal earth, become polluted.

A call to unity

Through these moments of intense release, people feel attracted to unite, to find ways to understand each other and to put aside everything that seemed to separate them irretrievably. Pain is what brings us together, opens our hearts and gives us the opportunity to feel. Through the many global events that have passed and those that will come, we are called to unite in intention and build something else together.

Pain and suffering are just the way we feel a deep opening of the heart at the moment. Here, too, respect and inner authority are needed in order not to fall into a state of victimization and to see only victims and suffering.

The call to unity is like a divine call of inner order and openness to much deeper connections with us and between us.

The Emperor's energy invites us not to be afraid of this reorganization of things and to lovingly support the path of understanding and self-recognition of all, whatever they may be, and to go into global meditations with this feeling, and not with the one of pity or loss.

Courage! We can work miracles together!

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