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Honorable Distribution

The distribution of data, information, photos in a virtual environment is becoming more and more common. In this environment, it is very easy to pass on the information and that is why respect for the authors is often forgotten and ignored.

I want us to respect another being's work as we respect our own because each of us puts time, effort and dedication into what we do. We need to learn to share in a way where both parties are happy with this exchange.

A lot of information is now free, like what you find on this site, but that doesn't mean there isn't work and effort behind it. When you share any piece of the article, consider honoring yourself and whoever is facilitating access to information.

It's very easy to learn how to do this, you probably already intuitively know certain things. Just read this article, and you will find the basis of the honorable distribution act.

If we do not distribute correctly, we block the access of many people to the information, and we become like a closed road, a road that goes no further. It gives all people the opportunity to have access to the information, to know where it comes from and to be able to contact the author for questions or clarifications.

I often see on social media, words shared without attribution. If I'm interested, I ask who the author is and they tell me - "I don't know, I also took it from someone else, also without attribution". Now, I can no longer access the source so that I can read the continuation and context of those words, which makes me very sad.

I too have broken these rules many times, following what others do, disregarding the work of others, distributing without honor and respect. But at some point, I realized what I was doing, seeing how because of this behavior, I don't have access to information, and it's difficult to find what I'm interested in quickly.

I invite you to become a link, instead of a closed road, making it easier for others to access information.

General Rules

These rules are for this site, but can easily apply to other sites as well. Some sites have stricter rules, so be sure to read their distribution rules as well.

The entire content of, including online books, posters, recipes, texts, images, graphics, web graphics, newsletters and documents, scripts and any other data, is the property of S.C. ARAYANI GARDENS S.R.L. or its founders and is protected under the Copyright Law, and the laws on intellectual and industrial property rights.

Where external content exists, credit the source(s) clearly at the end of the article, on or next to the image or within other data. The use without written consent of any elements on this site, or any elements listed above is punishable according to the laws in force.

There are icons and other graphics, which belong to the site and are protected by copyright, but for which we cannot mention this, because we would spoil the design of the site. On this site, there are also free, unattributed photos taken from this type of free photo sites. These have no attribution at all and are usually photos for articles.

It is strictly forbidden to use the materials offered on this site for commercial purposes or other than private purposes, to copy or distribute via media/internet/cd/dvd/usb stick/tv or other means of transport and distribution, without the consent written by the authors.

Rules For Free Use Of Information

You are free to take information of a statistical or research nature as well as data taken from books or other publications, with prior mention of the source.

You are free to learn or be inspired in your private life with the help of information available on this site.

The opinions of the author or authors of the articles on this site, the original concepts expressed by them, their drawings and photos, recommendations, ideas and stories from their experience, the way of displaying and organizing the information in the article, the way of presenting the information are kept under the protection of the laws of Copyright, mentioned above.

All information on the site is for personal use, and for distribution use the rules below.

If you have any doubts about how you can use the information presented, do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form.

Information Distribution Rules

If you want to copy a few paragraphs, which do not contain opinions, recommendations or life experiences of the authors, then please credit us as the source in the footer of the article or below those paragraphs, by clearly displaying the link to the article from where you took those paragraphs.

If you want to retrieve opinions, recommendations or stories from the authors' lives, you will need to cite those paragraphs correctly, as if you were quoting from a book.

See the example below:

Celeste Godwin, author of the philosophy, divination and spirituality website,, tells us/recommends: "paragraph taken".

And below, in the footnote or under the citation, mention the article from which you took the excerpt.

These rules are for retrieving a few paragraphs, not half an article or entire articles.

If you want to take larger parts of the article then you need the author's written consent and please contact us about this via the contact form.

You may not distribute images, illustrations or graphics from this site without the written consent of the author.

By following these rules, you allow the reader to come back for questions, clarifications, or more information.

Rules For Distribution on Social Networks

The easiest is to use the share buttons, choosing the social network you want to share. Another way is to copy the link and share it, knowing that when you post on a social network, it takes certain data automatically, such as image and article description.

If you want to share excerpts of text or quotes with the author's opinion, then use the rules for sharing article information, outlined above.

Document Distribution Rules

Any document received by e-mail or downloaded from the site, which is free of charge, can be distributed free of charge to friends or acquaintances, for their private use, not for commercial purposes. You may not post them on other websites, online archives or distribute them on other blogs or by other public methods. Also, it is more useful to share the link to the download page and not the document itself.

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