Community Guidelines

This site offers the opportunity to write comments on articles or pages, ask questions or give answers and communicate with other users, as well as leave testimonials or reviews for the products in the store.

The virtual space of this site is a space for presentation and communication and has provisions corresponding to an appropriate code of conduct. In this space every being has the right to express themselves freely within the healthy limits of respectful behavior. The rules are created to support fruitful and useful communication, supporting the emotional and mental balance of those involved.

Please keep in mind that this is a public space, but specific to a certain group of people who form a community. If you don't agree with the specific lifestyle, way of thinking and religion then we invite you to respect everyone's differences and choices, and move on to what really interests you.

Entering Reviews & Comments

Users can post Reviews, Comments, Questions and Answers in the dedicated sections at the bottom of articles and pages. The information entered can be both positive and negative, and will relate to the topic of that article or page.

When registering a particular Review/Comment/Question/Answer on the site, users/customers grant a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, territorially unlimited license and grant the right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute and display this content to (together with its aliases) and its owners. Every comment is first moderated and accepted before appearing on the site, except for approved users.

The content of comments is unaltered and maintained as posted, except for grammatical errors where the comment can be corrected. The creator of the comment can modify and delete it, if logged into his account, for 5 minutes after it was recorded, or he can ask to be modified/deleted by sending an email using the Contact page.

In the case of Product Reviews, only a user logged into their account and who has purchased that product can add a message with their experience.


Each user/customer, when registering a Comment/Question/Answer in the mentioned sections, undertakes to comply with the following guidelines:

  • to refer strictly to the subject of the respective article or page, avoiding information related to promotional offers or advertising, external links, or other information unrelated to the subject of the article/page.
  • to use only the language currently selected on the site, language that can be chosen from the list of flags that exist in the menus.
  • to use appropriate, respectful, non-offensive language, without terms that may offend or affect any other user or the authors of that article
  • not make fun of the topic discussed on the site, the authors or other users, or make jokes that may be considered offensive
  • be aware of sensitive topics and announce them from the beginning, in other simple words, to be understanding with those who may be emotionally triggered by them
  • to ensure that the information entered by them is realistic, not misleading and in accordance with applicable laws, thereby respecting the rights of other parties, copyright, trademark, license or other rights of property, publicity or privacy;
  • to use this facility only to communicate or obtain additional details regarding a specific program, idea or product from the site without referring to other companies that promote the distribution, sale and purchase of products or services;
  • not to provide or request, in any way and to any extent, personal data (home addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.) or any other information that may lead to the disclosure of personal data;
  • not to enter information and/or details about URLs (links) from other sites performing the same activity
  • not to attempt to defraud the services made available by the site or to post Comments/Questions/Answers that contain advertising materials;
  • not to use the Comment/Question/Answer as a means of private communication with the author of the article, in this sense the form available on the Contact page will be used.

Comment Data

Name –> Please use your real name or an alias. Comments containing random or strange words will be marked as SPAM and deleted.

Email -> The email address must be a valid address. They do not appear in the comments region and are not distributed to other parties. Email addresses that look like spam addresses or add spam comments will be marked as SPAM.

Links -> No links are allowed in the comment content, except in special cases, when it is considered valuable. Links to own websites, personal blogs, etc. what is entered in the special field of the comment box will be automatically removed during processing.

Text -> Comment text must follow the rules explained above.

Everything written in the comment is the responsibility of the commenter, not the editorial staff of this site. By submitting a comment to our site, you agree that the content of the comment is your own and you agree to release, and all their representatives from any repercussions, damages or liability.


We reserve the right not to publish and to delete those comments that do not comply with the rules explained here. If the Terms and Conditions are found to be violated repeatedly, we reserve the right to suspend the User/Customer's ability to post Comments and participate in this community.


On this site, you can leave reviews containing a rating from 1 to 5 stars and a comment expressing the user's experience. Reviews are encouraged and appreciated. Only authenticated customers, who bought that product, can write a review.

Each user/customer, at the time of registering Reviews in the mentioned sections, undertakes to comply with the following rules:

  • the review must be fair and expressed in a respectful way, taking into account changes in opinion that may occur over time
  • criticism should be constructive, helpful to the author and expressed with respect and sensitivity
  • the review should refer strictly to the product in question and not to other products
  • the review should contain only the personal opinion of the writer, from his own experience, and not a general view or collective opinions
  • the review should not contain advertising material, references to other people and other services, links or slogans and brands
  • the content needs to be in the language selected on the site


We reserve the right to remove spam reviews, those that contain offensive language, those that mislead or that do not make any sense in the way they are written.

How to get help for a problem?

If you have a general question directly related to an article I've posted, please post a comment on that article. If your question is specific to you and/or of a personal nature, then you should use the contact form. The comment area is not the best place to ask a question unrelated to the post, especially if your comment contains intimate/personal information.

Community Regulation

We desire in this community to respect our differences and be open to asking pertinent questions instead of using dramatic expression. For this we propose the following ideas to consider and follow when communicating with other users.

Freedom of speech is important, but a message can be said in a million ways, and many of those ways are unnecessary and offensive. All users are free to express themselves, but at the same time moderators are free to moderate.

We each understand and see the world in our own way and can benefit greatly from interacting with others in a harmonious way. We can't control other people's expression but we can set healthy boundaries about what we accept around us.

Consider these when communicating:

  • No one is obligated to reply to your message, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't express with courage
  • Everyone's vulnerabilities are important so take care of yourself in how you express so that you maintain a state of balance
  • Try as much as possible to respect the opinions of others while expressing with authenticity
  • If you want to share something very emotional and potentially trauma-inducing, please let users know with a header saying something similar to "I want to express something emotional about topic x, y. This is a warning for the sensitive on this subject." and then leave a line of blanks, continuing with the actual message.
  • If you are unable to stabilize yourself mentally and feel anger or irritation, wanting to attack the users or authors of the site, we invite you to take a break and take care of your state
  • Please do not ask for personal data and do not bully or harass other users
  • This site is not a chat so I invite you to continue a personal discussion elsewhere


If you start to have a heated conflict with another user, in the comments area, we advise you to stop and let it go. If a user continues with aggresive behavior then its ability to post will be suspended.

We reserve the right to remove entire groups of comments that are aggresive and conflictual and disturb the peace of this community.

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