Answer To A Burning Question - Psychic Vision Tarot Reading

This is meant to be a very simple and direct answer to something you've been thinking about. Sometimes we just need a little support and empowerment to trust ourselves and this reading is just for that - to give you a nudge.

My Experience

Now that I am writing this, I remember I didn't actually do this reading for me first, like I usually do. Hmm, I wonder why ? Probably because I know what I desire to ask and I don't often do messages without a question or a direction.

This type of reading always seems up in the air for me, but I enjoy the challenge to do it. I am often attracted to challenges so I will try many things, even if they seem strange or uncomfortable. The experience of doing this proved to be so fun so I ended up having a good time.

The Reading

This reading has no fixed structure, I just use the cards to help me see a possible answer you may have been seeking. You can also decide not to put any question and just listen to the message. If you would like a similar reading then choose the Focus Personalized Vision Tarot Reading.

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I am passionate and dedicated to the work of understanding self and life. My favourite tools are contemplation, Tarot, sound meditations and talking to the divine. May we meet in the space between words.

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