Hi dear soul and welcome to my website, a place of expression and connection. Here you will find information coming from my own experiences and contemplations, or from people I find inspiring, along with the reading services I offer.

I am what you may call a psychic visionary and an empathic intuitive, along with being dedicated to the understanding of life, in general, and the interactions between people. I use visions, empathy, intuition and knowledge gained from the study of Tarot, Numerology, Qabalah, Gene Keys, Akashic Records and the direct wisdom that comes from the soul and spirit. I am not what you would call a “Fortune Teller”.

I approached Tarot and psychic work to understand the world and myself, so I really enjoy reading cards and contemplating to observe the dynamics, connections, functioning, meanings and underpinnings of situations as well as what energy is missing, what can be done and can help arise a practical solution.

My focus

I love to help people deeply understand themselves and create a connection between soul-spirit-mind-body through becoming honest and intimate with self.

My primary focus is on healing body, mind soul and spirit so you get to increase the connection to the true you and bring to life your dreams. I find that self-understanding is imperative, because I know that this is the key to feel the divine powers of your soul run through you easily, so you can have all that you desire in life and beyond. Feeling connected means feeling at home, safe and secure in your being, knowing your gifts and having the courage to use them for your benefit.

In order to get to a deep connection we need clarity and deep understanding. By helping you gain clarity and understanding about who you are or a certain situation in your life, you get to feel empowered to act with more confidence and peace in beneficial directions. I combine the scientific analysis and the understanding of symbolic language with the experiences and knowledge of our divine aspects, the spiritual wisdom and the observation of life.

Spiritual guidance, healing, self-understanding and analysis of situations is part of my primary work. Predictions for the future are part of my work but they do not focus on sentences or fixed results but on probabilities and possibilities, all because they take into account the possibility of change and free will. All my readings are for self-understanding and self-awareness, always including in the equation the being for whom I read, connecting with their energy and course of life. For me, destiny is a road we walk on with our free will.

My passion is to help others see themselves, how they work and see how the world around them works, so they can manage to find the resources and understanding that would inspire them to create the life they desire. I love to explore the manifestation process and guide others to become more powerful in manifesting their dreams and using their gifts.

I am what is called a mystic, that is, a person who seeks deep understanding through self-exploration and believes in direct communication with the divine. I consider my self-development work to be invaluable.

Readings and Education

I graduated with distinction from the Tarot course led by Wald and Ruth Amberstone, from The Tarot School, after 5 years of dedicated study, being the 18th graduate from thousands of applicants. I also graduated the Akasha certification course, in the Soul Realignment™ methodology. Before this I attended many other courses focused on expanding consciousness and spirituality. This opening to Akasha, came naturally, from my work with Tarot, personal experiences and contemplations. Over time I have taken many courses in spirituality, but I continue my self-study in depth, in this direction of expansion of consciousness. Visions are a part of my life and I started to include them in my work with the Tarot in a natural way.

I mainly offer readings that are received by email, because I express myself better in a solitary space, with peace and quiet, where I can become aligned and connected with the divine consciousness. My readings contain a document with explanations, after reading integration ideas and photos, along with an audio recording, depending on the case.

In my readings I help others regain clarity, understanding, balance and more details and information about :

  • insights on the current life path and its evolution
  • relationship insights and evolution
  • self-understanding and functioning of personal situations
  • blockage and shadow analysis
  • evolution of self or a situation, the manifestation process
  • understanding the past and the roots of issues
  • dream interpretation

Find me on:

This is not a complete list but the main points. If you desire to know more about my work you can explore the links below and do not hesitate to write me back, through a comment or the contact page.

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Discover my style of reading Tarot, Akasha or other reading types and what the experience of a reading with me is. What is seen is invisible.

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Discover my perspective on Tarot and learn about the predictive readings.

My Story

Read my life story and how I became interested in Tarot or psychic work.

Code of Ethics

Find out my code of ethics and what types of readings I do or do not do.

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