About Celeste

I am a clairvoyant and a spiritual guide. I offer readings guided by visions(claircognition & clairvision), an intimate connection with the Tarot Consciousness Archive, Akashic Records and direct soul & spirit wisdom. I am not what you would call a “Fortune Teller” and I do not do sequence of main events or 'grand tableau' readings.

I approached divination and spirituality to understand the world and myself. I enjoy seeing into the depths of consciousness and contemplating life in order to observe the dynamics, connections, functioning, meanings and underpinnings of situations as well as what can be done and can help arise a practical solution.

My focus

I help people guide themselves on their soul path, so that they fulfill their purpose as a divine being. I support people to deeply see & understand themselves so they can become free from inner struggles and blockages, in order to achieve a state of harmony and fulfillment.

My primary focus is on providing clarity, guidance and revelation. Spiritual guidance, orientation, clarification, useful predictions, self-understanding and analysis of situations are part of my primary work. Predictions focus on helping you accept what is and see ahead, empowering your conscious choices.

I am a childhood trauma & CPTSD informed seer, meaning I understand many of the issues and behaviors arising as a consequence of this type of experiences. I've learned through direct experience, by sustaining my own healing with the help of my clair abilities and introspective methods.

I am also informed and always studying about self-deception mechanisms. This helps me navigate the shadows of the inner worlds and properly maintain divine connection & clarity.

A mystic is a person who seeks deep understanding through self-exploration and experiences direct communication with the divine.

A seer/clairvoyant is someone who can see things in more ways than one, providing insightful perspective on the vertical life pillar (divine, human, natural) and horizontal life pillar (past, present, future) as well as shedding light on hidden or unclear aspects of self and life. They are often highly empathic, being able to deeply connect and identify with someone else by including them in their consciousness through love.


I have had clairvoyance abilities since I was a child, being able to experience precognition and visions received through dreams or waking life. I was not aware that this was an ability until later in life. I also have a strong attraction to seek and find divine truths and clarity within, as Justice is my Life Path destiny Archetype.

I graduated, with distinction, the Tarot course led by Wald and Ruth Amberstone, from The Tarot School, after 5 years of dedicated study, being the 18th graduate from thousands of applicants. I also graduated the Akasha certification course, in the Soul Realignment™ methodology. I attended many other courses focused on expanding consciousness and spirituality.

I have been in contact with the spiritual and soulful side of life since birth, and I have studied spirituality, philosophy, psychology and the occult, since I was 20 years old.

I mainly offer voice-recorded readings that are received by email, because I need a neutral sacred space, where I can become aligned and connected with divine consciousness.

In my readings I help others regain clarity, direction, balance and more details and information about :

insights on the current life path and its evolution
relationship insights and evolution
self-understanding and self-discovery, purpose & destiny
blockage and shadow analysis, exploring emotions & thoughts
spiritual evolution and divine guidance
situation analysis, situation evolution & predictions
understanding the past and the roots of issues
aura drawings or relationship connection drawings
Akashic records related information

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