Speaking with Gaia about Master-Slave dynamic

This is a sharing of a conversation that took place during a state of meditation and is a perspective from the infinite faces of the universe. For me, all perspectives are valuable and complete the vision of who we are, each in their own unique way.

This conversation did not have many words, I then unpacked the details, and some explanations are added to provide more clarity on the topics.

The experience

In one of my meditations, immediately after I created my meditation space and invited my soul, spirit, My I Am Presence and my guides to accompany me, I heard how one of the guides invites me to speak with the spirit of the Earth. Initially part of me was surprised but at the same time delighted with the experience. I glanced at my guides with a questioning face, and they touched my shoulder and hand in support, inviting me to have a conversation with Gaia.

Ok… I will go with the flow and see what happens. I thanked the Spirit of the Earth for this opportunity and felt its energy as joyful and playful, open and compassionate to me, to us as human beings.

The spirit of the Earth began to envelop me in love, as if enveloping me with a fluffy blanket. I relaxed even more in this energy and then it cheerfully asked me "What can I do for you?". This question paralyzed one part of my mind, caught another by surprise and made another very happy. After a good pause, I asked, “But how can I ask you something? You support all of us with everything you can. Are my desires relevant ? ”

The spirit of the Earth continues: “Most people do not ask anything of me. I allow you to do whatever you want and I support you, but you don't have to do everything yourself, because you have me. Many of you have forgotten the close connection you have with me and all my dimensions of existence. I invite you to remember! ”

I still couldn't think of what I could ask for, or how to ask, and many thoughts of guilt and doubt showed their face. How can I ask for something from Gaia, a planetary consciousness? It was simply very difficult for a part of me to position myself towards this kind of consciousness, without feeling like a worthless worm.

At that moment, one of my guides started explaining. This part of you that feels undeserving is learned from the life of a slave. In the life of a slave, the slave believes that it has no power and can demand absolutely nothing from its master without harmful consequences. It is difficult for you to ask for something, because you remember very well the many bad consequences you could experience as a slave.

This type of slave-master experience programs you to a certain type of reaction to people or consciousnesses perceived with greater power and understanding, and thus you learn to protect yourself. This protective behavior is perfectly necessary in certain experiences, such as those of a slave-master, while you think about what to do, but this is not the case.

There is an ancient mental programming of the human collective, very deeply rooted, of master-slave dynamics, which is seen in almost all structures of your society. Even in the family, you are taught to behave in the same way, and your parents become your masters. The school continues this trend through your teachers who have the power to mark your life with grades. Later, at work we have the same dynamic, where the boss orders the others and the pyramid structure makes sure that each segment does not know what the other is doing.

In some of your religions, God is portrayed as a punishing master. This behavior is also exercised in certain spiritual circles, where people invest the guru with the status of father / mother or master. All this is done unconsciously, because these behaviors are deep in your unconscious, guarded by various blocks and protections. These programs are very subtly played, so that you have a certain illusion of freedom, until you are put in front of an experience that brings all this to the surface.

I called on the Spirit of the Earth so that you can have this dynamic within you and be able to recognize it and then get out of its influence. This dynamic wants to be recognized worldwide, in every human being, so that everyone can put it aside and embrace its divine essence. This pattern requires unity in thinking and awakening to the fact that no matter how many resources one or the other has, no matter how special or spiritual one or the other feels, you are all in the same pot and follow the same master-slave program.

We see in people's consciousness a tendency to satisfy their master, to be so good or deserving as to be seen and rewarded, or taken to a special place and in a prominent position, saved from torture. This tendency of people to impress their master also comes from the unconscious desire to protect themselves, because … if the master believes that they are valuable, then he will give them a preferential treatment and maybe more freedom. This thinking often does not work at all in this way, the exploitation is actually increased the greater the human capacity.

All human guides work, during this period, to awaken the people from this dynamic and to support the process of embracing the divine being that they are. This awakening does not need to be experienced with violence and revolt, although they may be needed as internal energies of movement from where you are. What we want now is for the human collective consciousness to be able to see this dynamic and then decide that it is no longer needed.

Relaxing deeper in the field of love offered, I began to talk to Gaia again. I was thinking about what I could ask for, and how I could formulate it.

The spirit of the Earth continues: “You can ask for anything, for example to grow more powerful trees, to have more oxygen, to clean the air and the earth of toxic elements, to clean your bodies of toxic elements and so on. Open your heart to ask for whatever you want. ”

My heart had begun to feel so much joy and gratitude that I sat for a few minutes to feel it all. I then asked, “But if we clean the air, for example, don't we eliminate the opportunity for people to understand to stop the pollution? ”

The Spirit of the Earth continued: “It is what you want it to be, I am willing to support your experience. If you want to learn this lesson then the air will remain polluted until you understand that it does not need to be so. But it depends on what you want to live. Either you choose to go ahead on your own, rely on technology and invent a machine to filter the air, or change the current machinery so that it no longer pollutes, but here you face the pollution that already exists… .. or you open up to collaborate with me and all beings who can help and support you and thus discover what your will can do. You can build the experience that your souls want! You choose the course of events or the timeline you invest energy in. ”

Part of me brought to the surface the thought, “And how can we do that? Do we have the necessary strength? ”

My guides continue. Here again you enter the dynamic master - slave, which leads to the victim - persecutor and the powerless - tyrant. All this tells you that you have no power and that you do not even have any power as a collective. All of these are illusions you still choose to believe in. I would like you to realize how much power it takes for you to sustain these illusions, and how much power you offer for nothing. It doesn't take much quantity when there is quality.

Who is your master ? By knowing this part of your experience, with detachment, you will be able to know more about yourself and integrate the reality you have created. Part of your collective is subjected and subjugated by the terrifying fear of accessing certain information about this dynamic, because the helplessness becomes unbearable. And those of you who manage to have the courage to look deeper into this dynamic, still remain in the helplessness generated by everything you learn, without asking for any help or assistance from your divine parts, without believing that anything more is possible, totally powerless.

The dynamic of powerlessness - tyranny, is also supported by the idea that you are finite beings, and by physical death you disappear from the face of the universe. This idea perpetuated by all sorts of mental, social, religious and artificial / borrowed constructions, keeps you in a total state of terror, attached to the life of your body at all costs. This excessive attachment makes you vulnerable to any temptation and manipulation, because you would give and do anything for your life or the lives of your loved ones. This fear keeps you in a diminished state of consciousness, where you cannot access your extended memory of the soul, so that you can see this illusion.

This fear, which you consider to be paramount, leads you to total obedience to any force that seems stronger than you. This does not mean sowing revolt and war, but understanding these dynamics, letting them go and all the memories and energies held captive in them, only then will you be able to know what to do next.

The fear of death, torture and persecution is one of the protections of these spaces inside your being. Absolute helplessness is the very door that tells you that you can't see something like that, that you can't access what's beyond, that you can't open it, so you better move on. Impotence, and your way of perceiving this energy, is generated by the existing submission in the state of slavery and self-separation. By accepting it, you give yourself permission to look at it without running away.

“Could you be afraid of something you haven't already experienced in a certain way? If you have no concept, memory of a certain situation… can you be afraid of it? ” You have been through death countless times, and if you open up to remember, this fear will have no power over you.

We also notice the tendency of people to think they have no choice. When you think there is no other choice, open yourself to the possibility that you do not see them all in that state you are in now. In the same case, you may be judging your choices in a way that doesn't help.

We also notice certain ideas perpetuated as a reason for helplessness and renunciation, in the environments considered by you spiritual, namely that if everything is created perfectly, as it is, and everything is part of the whole, then what else can I do? Beneath these things is again the master-slave pattern, where nothing can be done now because it is, or it was decided or written, or it is the journey, and it is necessary to accept it as it is. You are the Source. Keep in mind that it can be done differently, there is no need for things to repeat themselves endlessly in the same circles of experiences. Ask yourself this question: "Are you at this point in your experience for the first time… or not?"

Here I would like to add an example to make the idea clearer. We can dig a hole with the teaspoon if we want, but it is not really necessary to do this… we can choose to do it otherwise.

The Spirit of the Earth continues: “I appreciate all the love you send to me. I receive it and send it back to you, because you need it more. But many of you refuse to receive, to be supported in this field of love, but just want to emit, or control what happens to the energy. Because you refuse to receive love from your soul, you also refuse this redirected love. That's why I ask you what you need and I invite you to collaborate. What is your dream and what do you need for yourself now? ”

I continued to give my dream and requests to the Spirit of the Earth and I felt supported by infinite energy, full of compassion, understanding and love.

What is your soul's dream reality?

My Notes

I want to remind you that all these words come from other quality of energy than the usual. See things and to allow them to unfold in you and with the help of your soul take (remember) the teachings you need in your own unique way. You may not understand many things, so be patient with yourself.

A single question can trigger a deep discovery process. A single statement or question can open a gate or help open doors inside you.

There are many perspectives to see one thing, and from my point of view all are valid but depending on the unique experience of each, some are understood immediately and others much later. Also, some are relevant to the desired experience of the soul, and others are not. Certain perspectives may be irrelevant to our experience, we may not understand them because we have the impression that they do not match what we want or what we already have as information, but they are valuable for the whole and for the environment in which we conduct our experience. Extremist and punishing judgment simply does not help us to understand.

For example, the part where we talk about death may seem insensitive to some people, and life may not seem important, but if you allow yourself to expand your perception you will understand from that point of view and discover how precious it is, and that in fact this judgment prevented the discovery.

There is the experience where everything is whole, just as there is the experience where each is separate, and both are parts of the same polar coin, one - many. In our experience there are consciousnesses that play the role of master more clearly and others that play more clearly the role of slave, so that this dynamic can be explored by the whole, or all that we are. At the same time, the master and the slave part have a representation in each of us, and when we observe both seemingly outside of ourselves, and discover their functioning, we better understand ourselves as individuals and ourselves as a whole.

Allow the understanding space to open within you.

As an exercise, imagine being asked by the Spirit of the Earth, "What is your soul's dream reality?" What do you answer? To turn this question into an experience, choose a meditation song and then answer your question.

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