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Tarot Readings

I use Tarot as a tool for clarity, insight, prediction and guidance, in all of which my role is just as a messenger. I create experiences for self-discovery and my reading style is lyrical and intuitive. I am a mystic visionary, intuitive guide and coaching style of reader. I am not what is called a "fortune teller" and I do not offer sequence of main events readings.

My reading style combines the use of wisdom that comes from Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Qabalah, Gene Keys teachings and expanded sensing abilities, like the ability to see or hear what the cards are telling me and the ability to feel things about your situation. Empathy and inner vision bring me information about emotions, feelings, energy and blockages around a situation. I use different senses in order to read, so you will find passages when I hear the cards speak, others when I see or feel things. These come naturally so they will not all be present in all readings.


Between the lines of the reading, depending on the subject and case, I may offer practical exercises, simple meditations and direct insight that help you change from within and facilitate manifestation of your dreams. My readings are filled with details and magical hidden messages that emerge with time and integration.

My way of writing/speaking is supportive, usually direct and expressive, mainly meant to help those interested in personal development but not only. It is all about you, what you feel, what you perceive, what are your obstacles and your sorrows and what to do about them. I tend to present both positive and negative aspects, so that they give everyone the opportunity to make a change.

I focus on understanding the dynamics, the past / future connections, the functioning and the underlying issues of the respective situations, in order to empower the being to understand itself and others, and to create their life by applying conscious choice. I am directed in offering ideas to take responsibility for creating your own life experience, and less on a fixed destiny or a certain result.

I use Tarot cards to ground the communication I have with my divine self and they offer me a sense of stability and focus. When I read for you, I connect with your soul and ask for guidance.


Visions that come with the help of clairvision & claircognisance abilities are the princiapl way in which I communicate with the divine. You will find visions directing Tarot Readings, drawings and other types of readings and tools. Visions may present past memories, past issues, future visions or symbolic expressions of the situations analyzed. I usually receive a directory vision, which will help connect all of the aspects of the reading or the important ones.

Visions are also keys for integration. My clients use them to remember the aspects of the reading, like they would use a key. This key unfolds with time and brings back many other insights. It accompanies them through the experience of the reading providing a support for better integration of the information.

Akashic Readings

Most of the times I include Akashic information in all of my readings or visions, depending on the need or subject, in a natural way. For example I may receive pas memories or past issues that happened in this life experience or others, or I may need to ask questions about relationship contracts.


The answers you seek are already inside of you but sometimes we need assistance in discovering them. This is where I can help you by joining you in this journey of witnessing your own revelations. I call upon the wisdom of the divine unknown and bring forth direct messages in order to empower you to welcome transformation into your life. I am here to bring you clarity, insight, inspiration and connection to your authentic self.

A reading with me is all about possibilities and choices and contains a magic experience that will reveal itself depending upon your needs. When you read/hear, the words will usually create images in your head and feelings in your heart.

I have been told many times that my readings, especially in audio format, are hypnotic and sensory. This is not true for all people, but if it is for you, then you may not remember anything after you first read/listen and you may feel in a different state of being or confused. It's ok, this is normal for some people ! Understanding the message unfolds with time and with patience, by reading/listening several times. It may appear in any form: as an experience, a process, a state of being, a feeling, a sensation, a flash of inner knowing, inspiration and light.

Remember it is all about you and how you react to the reading, what you feel and what it triggers inside of you, not so much about the words written or said. Your process is unique and it will provide whatever you need in that moment. It is not my words you should believe or blindly trust, but what your soul guides you to, through this process -> this is actually the purpose of the reading.

For me, clarity is a process from one state of being to another, through which we are illuminated and we integrate new understanding about us. It is the light at the end of the dark tunnel, the destination of the process. Each of us gets there in his/her own way and in his/her own time. Knowledge comes and goes, that which really helps us is experience, so I put a great emphasis on integration, because this is where obstacles and misunderstandings may appear.

By connecting to your suffering, sometimes the message can be emotionally intense and sometimes uncomfortable. It's okay, it means that a vulnerable point has been touched deep within and something has opened. This does not happen for all readings, it depends on the subject.


Right now, I’m offering readings that are received by email, as this provides me with the quiet time I need to connect with the messages.

After you buy a reading from the website, I will contact you to narrow down the details and, if necessary, work with you in order to define the questions you need for the reading.

For e-mail readings you will receive a PDF document with detailed explanations, after-reading guidelines and card images, and usually an audio file. Rarely, I may choose to do a part of the reading in written format. This happens only if it is very complex. To further help you integrate, I will also send you an after-reading workbook. By answering the journal prompts, like it is explained there, you will better understand your process.

For more detailed explanations and additional questions that may appear after a reading, integration and exploration sessions can be done. For simple questions, you can contact me by email.


After a reading you may feel in a different state of being, so be sure to take some time to sit and breathe normally until you relax. You may have a mental or/and emotional altered state or general confusion. Confusion may be part of your process and it is ok, it usually precedes clarity.

Information runs through your synapses and will bring to your attention memories or related info, regarding what you just read/heard, so you start to integrate and better understand the reading. It is desired to do a meditation or just sit in a peaceful and quiet corner of your house, for 30 minutes after reading. You can go on with your day afterwards, the messages will work with your entire being from that moment on.

Consider re-reading/listening several times. Do not expect to understand everything at once, details will arrange themselves as you re-read and as you create correlations within your being and other things are brought to your attention and consciousness. Remember it is about your process not about the words, the reading is just a key to a door.

This is a process that takes its own life and for some may be fast and for others may take some time, and even a long time, unfolding step by step in their lives.


No, by no means. Each of us has their own free will and power of choice. We can never know 100% how and why our soul or divine aspects bring some experiences in our lives, this is why I ask you to take it lightly and openly receive the process. Knowledge comes and goes, it changes, it is not fixed.

Your divine aspects may want you to face your fears, and the reading will reflect this by presenting your current fears and concerns. All of this is done to awaken a greater consciousness in you and thus trigger certain growth processes.

Your divine aspects may want to give you more confidence in your own forces through an experience in which you let go of what is presented in reading to listen to your intuition. In this case, the reading shows you how you do not want to be, giving you the opportunity to choose yourself.

Truth is in the middle, in the space between words, in your heart.
Use my words to find your own truth.

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